Reversal of Fortune Readings

performance still
photo by Paul Baker

Let's Reverse people's fortunes.

Let's say they are an immigrant,
they are the other, they are the object of xenophobia and racism.

Let say for this reading it is not their fortune, but their potential misfortune

Let's say a Reversal of Fortune

performance still
photo by Paul Baker
What may your reversal be?
Is it the TOWER?
Is it the WORLD?
Is it the SUN?
Is it the FOOL?

If it were DEATH, would you be one
of the 3,200 undocumented aliens that drowned from 1985-1994 while crossing the Rio Grande River?

Video and strawberry candies inside shack.
performance still
photo by Paul Baker

Did you get the fortune you expected? Whose fortune did you pick?

Was it JUSTICE, were you exploited and underpaid in the L.A. garment industry for being an undocumented worker?

Are you a doctor with a medical degree from abroad working as a deli clerk?

performance still
photo by Paul Baker

If I READ YOUR PALM, what fortune will I find?

Will you be branded an Illegal Alien because of your accent?
Because of the color of your skin? Because of your ethnicity?
Because you are not European, but,
a person of color?

Will you now be branded and marked, to be exploited and profited from? Will you be given your papers and deported?
Is this your fortune?
Is this your destiny?
Or, is this your reversal?

Or will you never be exposed to this kind of objectification?


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