Fresa Farms: It's a Whitewash

These images are from Watsonville, California, where the Strawberry Workers Campaign was centered.
The strawberry industry is the state's biggest user of pesticides, applying about 7 million pounds of  chemicals per year.

Strawberry picker mural in Watsonville, CA

Farmworker mural in Watsonville, CA

Farmworker housing.
Workers' housing in the pesticide laden fields.

Strawberry fields, California.
Strawberry fields.

Pickers housing.
Workers housing in the fields.

Strawberries ready to ship out.

These images are from the April, 1997 March on Watsonville. 20,000 people attended the march in support of Strawberry Workers.

La mani image.

 We are all illegal image.

 Justice for Janitors image.

 5 cents for fairness image.

These images are from a rally in Watsonville in support of the Strawberry Workers.  Eight people were arrested for demanding improved conditions for the workers.


Police at mani image. 

Support Strawberry Workers.\

 Arrests image.

The unionization campaign in the fields around Watsonville - UFW workers visiting people's homes.

Doorknocking around Watsonville.

The artist in the fields of Watsonville, California. Strawberry fields in California are covered with pesticides at a rate of  300 pounds per acre, more than for any other crop in the state.

Strawberry fields.

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