Cyber.Labia 2005








Cyber.Labia: Gendered Thoughts and Conversations on Cyber Space, is a chapbook with artwork, musings and interviews on women and computers published by Tela Press in 2005.

This work features interviews with author and cyber theorist Anne Balsamo, essayist and journalist Paulina Borsook, environmental activist Sheila Davis of the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition and cyberactivist Art McGee of the Media Justice Network. The print version includes a DVD featuring the music video with excerpts of Pilar's live performance of Computers Are A Girl's Best Friend.

Please do not try to print out the PDF - the images and text have been highly compressed to improve downloading time on the web. You can buy the print copy of the book for $15 US Dollars, including shipping and handling. Print versions can be ordered by sending an email to prabapilar(at)sbcglobal.net.

cyber: redes informaticas de comunicacion (Larousse)
translation: information web for communication

labia: facilidad para hablar con gracia (Larousse)
translation: ability to speak with grace



I am exploring themes of e-waste, e-work, porn, and Internet geography through the Cyber.Labia series of digital collages. Some of the images from the series depict what have become very routine views of women from online pornographic web sites superimposed on maps of the geography of Internet use. Implicit to this overlay is the reflection that the pornography is made in the Third World, with the Internet traffic coming to the First World - while the hazardous waste is flowing in the opposite direction. Additionally, four pieces collage images of manufacturing, overseas recycling - which includes children dismantling hazardous waste - and workers of the e-revolution onto the abstracted contemporary maps of internet usage.

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