Carnavale of Biolife, 1998-2001

"Biotechnology and patenting of life forms is now the new frontier for conquest, and Africa ought to be wary because a history of colonialism and exploitation is repeating itself."
Wangari Mathai, Kenya Environmental & Justice Activist ( 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Winner)

Super Hero The Hexterminator

Super Hero Super Verminator

Carnavale Against Genetix

fabRAGE Intervention


On March 3, 1998 the Monsanto owned company Delta and Pine Land Co and the US Department of Agriculture announced that they received US Patent No. 5,723,765 on a new genetic technology designed to prevent unauthorized seed saving by farmers. Up to 1.4 billion resource poor farmers in the South depend on farm saved seed and seeds exchanged with farm neighbors as their primary seed source (ETC Group). Dubbed Terminator Technology, this seed-sterilizing patent caused an unparalled worldwide movement to prevent the commercialization of this technology. .

The Carnavale of Bio Life is an interventionist performance and multi media project I initiated in November, 1998 at the San Francisco Arts Commission to protest Terminator Technology. What began as an installation grew into a performance project of 22 artists, musicians, activists, scientists videographers, web designers and others, and spawned into two organizations - the Hexterminators and Artists for Responsible Genetics, that actively worked against Terminator technology until 2001.

The Carnavale of Bio Life performed at, disrupted or intervened at:
UC Berkeley
San Francisco State University
The Radical Performance Fest in San Francisco
The Inagural of Jerry Brown as Mayor of Oakland
Artists Television Access
The Alternative Media Conference (University of San Francisco)
The Biodevastation III Conference in Seattle
Reclaim May Day Celebrations in San Francisco
Monsanto Corporation Conference
WTO meetings in Seattle (1999)
World Bank meetings in Washington, D.C.

did art installations at
* SOMAR Gallery, SF
* Artist's Television Access, SF
* The Art Gallery at Cesar Chavez / SF State
and countless radio programs, public service videos for cable channels, as well as attracting artists world wide.

carnavale of biolife website
interview with Julia de Burgos on the Hexterminators